Saved from the rag bag

Saving the glue-pot accident jeans. Completed this whilst on leave, wearing them for the first time today. Originally was going to do some free machine embroidery but despite the use of tear-away stabiliser it kept on runkling up and the thread kept on snapping. Happier with this hand applique felt circles. Not sure how well they will wash but any failure on that front will be a lesson learnt and a new opportunity to embelish my jeans again. Will try not to take 4 months to get around to doing it though….



  1. erica says:

    those look so cute! i'm curious how they'll hold up, too… let me know & i might be covering up some glue spots myself!

  2. Kitty says:

    These have survived the first wash. I slapped them in the washer inside out – didn't tumble dry them as the jeans have a little elastane in the fabric. I think the fact used the more synthetic kunin style felt (not a natural fibre in sight) that I can get from Hobbycraft helped.

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