Grandma’s Recipe Calendar

My Grandma passed away in June 2002. I asked for her recipe notes and clippings with a view to recording some of her recipes.  I thought it was high time that I made a go at collating some of them for the rest of the family. This set of recipe cards is the result. The recipes chosen were those I could remember Grandma serving up and that I had a copy of. The cards themselves were attached to a blank calendar and a copy of which was given to both of my sisters H & K as a Christmas present.

A visit to Grandma’s always involved an offer of a little something to eat and drink. Any polite refusal was usually changed, and taken back, once Grandma had described to me the contents of her cake tin. Earlier memories of tea time on weekend visits to Grandma and Grandad’s always consist of very well buttered sandwiches and a selection of cake.

January: Belgian Sultana Loaf
February: Lardy Cake
March: Wartime Chocolate Cake
April: Grandma’s Lemon Cake
May: Eccles Cake
June Freezer Strawberry Jam
July: Lemon Meringue Pie
August: Dried Apricot Jam
September: Apple Jelly
October: Rich Gingerbread
November: Coconut Pyramids
December: Chocolate Peppermint Slice


  • All measurements are pounds and ounces. Grandma never converted to metric, indeed I found one metric recipe I had given her which had her handwritten conversion to imperial measurements.
  • I have tried out each recipe using the conventional setting of my oven (as opposed to my fan oven) and converted from gas mark settings (G’ma wouldn’t cook on anything else) to centigrade.
  • Some of these recipes are a little frugal compared to their modern day equivalents. This is either reflecting the times of rationing Grandma lived through or reflecting the times of plentiful supplu we currently live in.
  • I have not included any fruitcake recipes – I had difficulty choosing from the over 20 Grandma had in her collection.