Sampling for the wallhanging



This is built up with 3 components onto a backing of felt. For the finished wallhanging I will add a layer of thin quilt batting to give it the same weight as its companion sections. Top: devoré velvet, space dyed with free machine embroidery. Bottom: ruched spaced dyed velvet. Middle: a layer of free machine embroidery on soluble fabric overlaid to link the two pieces.

Manor House

Devoré velvet, space dyed with Arty’s One Fibre Reactive dyes, free machine embroidery quilting over felt and thin quilt batting. All the devoré was achieved by using fiber-etch, the tumble drier and a lot of elbow grease.

Country House

Quilting on Polyester satin. This goes back to some of the shape player I did earlier in the year. I used this sample to play about with stitch patterns. After looking at all my samples, decided I like the scope to be more innovative with colour when dyeing natural fibres so have decided to continue with appliqué but use cut out velvet and organza.


Pleating and burning with synthetic organza. For the main wallhanging I am going to use silk viscose velvet and use embossing and stitch.
Silk viscose velvet on dyed silk organza.


Space dyed devoré,  backed with felt and thin quilt batting. The devoré was created by stamping fibre etch with one of the stamps I made from my design work. The results were interesting but started to think about other ways of stencilling.


I wanted to try a faux devoré effect and did this by appliqué of velvet shapes onto organza. The silk organza is nice and stiff so this was quite straightforward to do this without hooping. As the organza is easily marked tear away stabiliser could be used for the final section.


Silk viscose velvet, dyed with fibre reactive dyes and embossed. Free machine stitching combined with pre-programmed stitch patterns.


A few burning experiments. Nylon Organza leaves bonded onto acrylic felt. Acrylic felt bonded on to acrylic felt. All the shapes were “cut” from the cloth by a soldering iron. Some of the felt was stitched beforehand with preprogrammed patterns on my Brother sewing machine. I used a Madeira Rayon thread so had to snip the thread on the leaf cutting line as this thread does not melt. The bonding was completed by fusing with a soldering iron.

As I have decided to use natural silk and silk/viscose fabrics I will have to find another method to cut the leaves out crisply.


Silk viscose satin appliquéd on to a double layer of silk organza. Further embellished with machine wrapped cords and stitching on soluble fabric.