May flowers

This is my first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery. I was just trying this technique out for my panel. I realised I have already done a little silk ribbon embroidery last year. On that occasion, however, I was sampling for my 3D functional item and I then crossed over to using torn stips of organza. I am sure purists would not consider embroidery using torn strips of silk organza as silk ribbon embroidery. I know one thing for sure though, its a LOT cheaper. Silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery is not cheap! Oddly enough I have found it difficult to find good value silk ribbon which you can dye or paint yourself on the internet. I have, for now, enough for my purposes: finishing the panel.

I found some of the stitches more effective than others. I particularly liked the effects acheived with the thicker ribbons. This stitching is quite slow going, whether this is because its a new technique I’m learning or the fact that the ribbon needs careful manipulating with 2 needles.

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