Memories of cake & tea

I have finished my panel – which in this case is an memory album cover.  I restricted myself to only hand dyed fabrics, using torn strips of fabric instead of ribbon for the ribbon embroidery, adding to the home baked nature of the book.

This project was about my childhood memory and the child in me. One benefit of this is that I needed to get back to the drawing of my childhood – the time before I became self concious of drawing and “judging” my efforts to be not “good enough”.

The costs for this particular project were kept lower due to me reusing a lot of fabric scraps. Also the background linen I used were discounted linen napkins from Habitat.   The back of the book has this teapot – I used the iris motif as a reference to my Grandmother.  She liked many flowers – however she was not overly fond of irises due to the name link and as a result she was given rather a lot. I followed the shape from a teapot I saw in the V&A.


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  1. Looks really good – the cake theme is very effective! Given that it is for a very personal item, “homely” fits in very well – it's the kind of thing where charming and personal are very positive attributes.
    Glad that it was a less painful process than the wallhanging for you.

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