Cheating at felt making

Its sample time again. Was busy last night felting an old woolen blanket – whilst that was being pummelled in the washing machine, I got out my felting kit and turned my sewing machine on.

I sandwiched 3 layers of merino tops between water soluble fabric and then hooped the sandwich in my machine embroidery hoop. I experimented with the bird and flowers using 2 different thread colours – although the shapes do not relate to my project’s design work I have them in mind for something else felted.

The shapes below require a little more trimming but overall I am pleased with them. I think I prefer the less is more approach to allow the surface to actually look felt like. I was cautious at first because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough stitching to keep the wool together.

I experimented with 2 ways of dissolving the soluble fabric : cold water rinsing or pouring over the contents of a recently boiled kettled. I think I prefer using the kettle I have a better rinse out of the soluble fabric (if its not rinsed properly then things remain rather stiff) also I think the “felt” actually felts a bit better – as you are shocking the wool fibres. This something I actually want to have a go at trying with some woollen tapestry thread to make some felted mini pom-poms – this was shown in class but I never got round to doing it as I had a myriad of other things to do. Posted by Picasa



  1. Has my shrunken jumper been felted yet?

    I love the piece on your laptop bag project – it's going to be fab!

  2. Kitty says:

    Hmm funny you should mention that…..
    Anyway, yes, your jumper, which you have already had a fine attempt at felting all by your sweet self, has gone into the regular wash (warm water and max. spin) to harden it up some more. For now you'll just have to watch this space….

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