The finished accessory

Here is my laptop case:

The clasp placement was a fiddly issue – I had to reposition the front middle appliqué 3 times – resolved by formalising my order of work but it could have been avoided by deciding what to use as a clasp before I started construction. I decided on a hidden magnetic clasp but by sampling I could have explored other possibilities – toggles, felted beads etc. and then not had the issue of repositioning and correcting.

This project has shown me that you can get good results from previous design work which did not have a particular finished result in mind. It is good to design, draw and play for the fun of it and that it is not wasted effort – it can be used in the future. The same applies to experimenting with techniques. With the projects we do not have a lot of time for sampling – this can be eased by trying out new techniques and putting effort into retaining creative vitality.

I would use the cheats felt and felted blanket techniques again – I have a nice tactile object which is also sturdy and fit for purpose. I would like to supplement the bag with a glasses case and maybe some pouches to hold some of the laptop peripherals.
The project write up was swiftly put together. I made good use of my sampling and used them to create a cover for my write up project folder:



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  1. I love the laptop bag – it's in my top 3 AR stitching projects so far (the other two are last year's shoes and the memory book cover). Design is really striking, it's well put together and is pratical to boot!

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