Inspiration for the week

I am now back at college and this week it will get busier as we will also have an additional Saturday workshop. The workshop is going to be a dyeing day. If it is anything like the last one (over 2 years ago now) it will be exhausting. No doubt need to rub in a vat load of hand cream into my inevitably sludge purple hands. One thing that we will be covering in the workshop will be shibori. I have found this lovely flickr pool for inspiration.

Note to self – pop into B&Q and pick up a packet of those handy looking mini clamps.



  1. So is shibori a kind of tie dye?

  2. Kitty says:

    I would say that Tie Dye is a form of Shibori. Tie Dye sometimes has the connotations of 60's hippies and/or childishnes (neither a good thing or a bad thing. The Japanese term encompasses, I would argue, more techniques as cloth can be bound (i.e. tied), stitiched, folded, twisted, wrapped or compressed. So Shibori encompasses tie dye.

  3. jimjum says:

    Is it dry yet? Where is the follow on? I am, as always, getting impatient to see the next stage.

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