Current status of my drying rack

I dyed 40 pieces of fabric and 12 skeins of thread yesterday at a college dyeing workshop. I did some basic dyeing first and got stuck in straight away with some space dyeing and immersion dyeing. My tutor also kicked of some acid dyeing but activities had to be curtailed due to one of the legs of the mini cooker melting and nearly causing a fire. There is a nice burnt patch on the table top to mark this occasion.

Amongst some of the pieces were some batik I prepared in Thursday’s class and some shibori pieces that I prepared the night before. One thing I tried was this little dye parfait which my friend C was encouraging me to do:
I started off with a small piece of fabric in the bottom and some green dye, a skein of thread and some turquoise dye and then another skein of thread and some yellow dye. The results are a beautiful mottling and gradation of colours and I will put a picture up as soon as they come off the drying rack.



  1. Wonderfully colourful drying rack! It's making me think I should try wearign less black so at least whe clothes are drying, they will look vibrant & cheerful…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Overachiever! Glad the parfait worked – now you need to try it with more than one colour …


  3. Anonymous says:

    As I now realise you did – 'Duh'

    I blame flu brain


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