A quickie

I was hard at work this weekend catching up with my pile of college work. Whilst I haven’t managed to clear any of the (considerable) back log, I am no longer falling behind. I was just finishing the velvet workshop samples I was working on in Thursday evening’s lesson (like the rest of the dyeing day, they will make an appearance). One sample needed a quick injection of colour and I decided to put to use some of the Arty’s Quik Color dyes that I have in my stash. As using my existing stash seemed to be a theme of the day I decided to dye a blank silk glasses case that I also found there (I guess it was a bargain in the Rainbow Silks sale). This glasses case is now my new cherished possession as I can now stuff my glasses in my bag at the end of a working day without risking scratches. Its a miracle that they are not scratched to hell and back considering the wanton way I just chuck them into my bag. Hopefully it will make them easier to find now that my bag is so cavernous.

And to think I could have been out getting splattered in mud on a hill in Hampshire…….