Shibori Results : Tied resist


Ne-maki shibori, thread tied resist, I used small washers to tie into the cloth. Before tie-ing I marked a grid to create an even patterm. This was placed in an immersion dye bath, one of my favourite colour blends – yellow dye with a splosh of blue creating a fresh lime green. This took me a while to tie up (at least 2/3 of The Godfather part 3) but was worth the result.


In the book I was referring to this technique is called “Honeycomb”. This is very effective and more importantly, for a lazy so-and-so like me, very quick to tie. Dampen fabric, roll up with a piece of string, tie string into a doughnut shape, put into immersion bath. Later on unroll and go ooh and ahh at the effect.

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