Oh Blow!

A long cycle ride was planned – it was reasonably long but was cut short, when M over inflated the 2nd (& last) replacement inner tube and it blew up. His bike was the cantankerous one today – 2 flats and a broken chain. I was rewarded for having such a well behaved bicycle by M requisitioning it and pedaling off into the distance to go get the car. That left me by the roadside for an indeterminate period of time. With not a huge amount of juice left in my phone battery I had to think of a way to amuse myself…..

I counted the number of times the green tractor went back and forth…. and was musing on the magic way the silage tank on the back kept on changing colour until I realised it was 2 green tractors. doh!

I marvelled at the North Hampshire countryside

and looked at fungi which looked like smooth animal poo:

and stared ahead…

and down the road, waiting for the bike thief to return with the car

He arrived about and hour and half later – pretty good going considering he did get lost and is rather bad at directions. Many thanks also go to G who I reported in to at half hourly intervals and provided much needed moral support.


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  1. Things to do whilst waiting by the side of the road….

    I was lucky when something similar happened in the Forest – I was within pushing distance (well, a couple of miles!) of a pub that I was confident that Husband could find so was able to drink coffee whilst waiting…..

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