Inspired by Rive Gauche Holdall

I have been purchasing a few naughty books recently. No! not that kind – the kind of book I am talking about are “books-which-are-not-strictly-necessary-but-couldn’t-resist-anyway-even-though-they-have-nothing -to-do-with-my-course”.

So I got this lovely book by Celine Dupuy:

and when perusing the projects (okay you caught me – reading it when I should have been doing something more constructive) one bag caught my eye:

Then, when I was next in my local sewing shop, I found some similar handles which were wider. I had some fabric in mind to make up the bag but found I didn’t have quite enough to make it in the same proportions – so it is a bit longer and not as ruched. The lining fabric is the same for my wristlet bag (I have a lot of leftover throw backing), but this time it shows as it also provides the channels for the brass rods which attach the bag to the handles.

I made it a little taller and it only took a few hours, despite the journey into the loft to raid the fabric stash (oh how I hate that bl***y awkward ladder). So I now have another bag….. hmm what do I do with it? Cart my stitching about in!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely brilliant in both senses of the word. This is a much better use for the material than that for which it was originally bought (I'm too ashamed to say what that was – it makes me go hot under the collar just to think of what it was!)
    This bag will look wonderful out and about on a bright summer day.

  2. Misc. Muse says:

    That was a lovely book. I love your colorful bag- my weakness, I could careless about shoes- black pair for winter- 1 nice pair sandles for summer will do me.

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