Last of the metal thread work

This is the first mini project I completed before the velvet one I showed the other day. These are more my kind of colours, I am using this as a jumping point for my first metal thread piece, so I based this on this design. The silk backing fabric is silk dupion dyed with Quick Color dyes.  The bag strap is made from a kumihimo cord which I created from some metallic elastic cord in lime green, turquoise and gold, I also added in some dark blue dyed raw silk cord. The foils I used for some of the work were obtained from some Christmas chocolates, on enquiry I found out they were from M&S.  M&S Chocolates are great – not only are they delicious they also refrain from putting their brand all over the foil. The result: beautiful foils to use in projects and a plumper than necessary stitcher. I need to think of a project involving red foils apparently M&S do lovely cherry covered chocolates.



  1. jimjum says:

    Now that this has rather more blue upon it I like the finished result very much. It looks luxurious and very lush. Have you sent this bit of your blog to Mand S in the hope that htey might send a few free samples?

  2. arlee says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what agorgeous piece! One of my fave colour combos–blue set with saffron or orange is so yummy! Wonderful details there–smashing job!

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