Back from the impromptu hiatus

I realise I haven’t posted in about a month and I have let things slip a bit since the end of year exhibition.

C&G 2006-2007

My main area of focus has been my at-least-a-page a day sketchbook some of which I have shown in some previous posts. Since the end of April I have kept up to date and have now finished my first sketchbook. I am pleased with a number of pages, indifferent to some and embarrassed about others.

It has also, I hope, improved my hand and eye coordination with regards to drawing and painting. Though I have been only too happy to just doodle with the pen or do something abstract with my dye paint palette.

There have been a fair few entries making reference to rain.



A lot of pages were done when I was on holiday in Tuscany during June.



A bit of food


and some collage.

Collage 1Picnic Collage