How to ruin a sketchbook in one easy lesson

One of my new teachers gave me a few pointers to get me started on my sketchbook:

  • don’t start at the beginning.
  • make a place for my sketchbook and just do a little at a time with whatever drawing implement (pencil, pen, charcoal etc.) each time I passed.
  • get some background already painted on those pristine white pages.

Whilst those words of wisdom were still fresh in my mind, I stole myself away into my cavern and spent no more than an hour (or it possibly was only half) and rustled up the following:

Lots of Paint Brushes
12 paint brushes / foam brushes
Pots of Brusho
12 pots of Brusho watercolour
One unsullied, untouched, pristine sketchbook

I then set about sploshing on the pages:

  • washing
  • scrubbing
  • hatching
  • dripping
  • dribbling

Turning each page as it was covered, I then closed it up and let it dry, unworried about colours merging or my sketchbook being perfect or beautiful.  Now that it has “cured” I now have a “ruined” sketchbook I no longer feel precious about, with some lovely backgrounds to add to:



  1. Celia says:

    And now you know why my koh-i-noor palette looks like it does …

    Good idea about the ready mixed brusho though.

    She doesn't want too many actual sketches, does she?

  2. Kitty says:

    Unfortunately I never got the instructions for mixing brusho in my box (I suspect it got lost in the shop before my sister very kindly purchased my powders for my birthday). I will be polling my fellow artists for 5 minutes with their copy & a photocopier…. ;-).

    Tip to colourcraft – how about a handy downloadable pdf?

  3. Celia says:

    I think I have a copy – although whether it gives real instructions I can't remember. I'll try to remember to bring it on Friday.

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