A Christmas Summary

Xmas 2008 ball

Whilst Christmas has now been and gone, with presents dispensed and unwrapped it is finally safe to show a few of the presents that I gave. These were the little projects I need to keep under wraps as I didn’t wish to spoil the surprises. First up is the little baby jacket I made for my youngest nephew E who joined us in August:

Baby jacket

Another project was a present for my friend G who had joined the crafting community by taking up crochet this year.  I liked the extra pockets for some scissors (to which I added a little yoyo scissor charm) and dinkier pockets for the darning needles and bodkins which crocheters require for weaving in ends.

Open Crochet rollCrochet hook roll

To keep Mr.T sweet I decided to make him something he had been hankering after for a little while:

Front view of Gate Monkey CapeBack view of Gate Monkey Cape

An Imperial Gate Monkey Cape. That is why it is purple. Don’t ask. If you want to know more you would have get up early(ish) of a Sunday morning and go for a cross country cycle ride (none of that namby pampy road riding stuff). It would be fun. You would get gates opened for you…..

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  1. Fat Bird says:

    Crochet roll was very much appreciated! I just need to convince myself to do some now!

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