Craft-along+pocket organizer = excuse to go to new IKEA

Pocket Organiser

This months craft-along with Finny & Donk provided me with yet another excuse to get my overlocker out AND to visit the new IKEA. One of the experiences was fine and trouble free the other was tiring and my own silly fault. I think you can guess which was which. The choices this month were to craft a fabric bowl which I was tempted by – I have admired this technique ever since I first saw it written about by Helen Deighan in the second of her fab. books on dyeing. She later dedicated an entire book on fabric coil pots and baskets.



  1. Celia says:

    Pelmet Vilene.

    Nice organiser – I must pluck up the courage to go to IKEA one of these days – although I suspect it might break the fabric diet I'm on …

  2. Kitty says:

    I was trying to figure out whether Peltex is the same as pelmet Vilene (stiff but quite thin) or timtex-like (firm but thicker and slightly spongy like a green washing up scourer). If I ever visit the States again I am tempted to go to the nearest fabric store and buy iccle samples of the entire pellon range. Ikea has some lovely fabrics, newbie staff and some quite deranged customers (I do, of course, include myself) at the moment. Best to go with a project in mind.

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