A quick trip down memory lane

My folks have just paid me and M a quick visit. They have been doing some tidying up of their home and bestowed on me a couple of boxes of some of the things I left behind 15 years ago.

Going through the boxes I have made the following discoveries about my past:

  1. I have a preliminary certificate in trampolining which I don’t remember taking.
  2. My hairstyle in the early 90s made me look like a boy.
  3. I went on a trip to Northumbria when I was 11.
  4. My mum drew ace pictures for my trip write up which I then coloured in.
  5. I managed to pass a grade 4 clarinet exam – goodness knows how.
  6. I got an award for house tennis in my first year at secondary school – I don’t remember this either.
  7. I took exams in acting and got awarded merits.
  8. My taste in handbags was boring.
  9. I can only remember the names of my maths and French teachers.
  10. I got an A for my appliqué cushion cover.
  11. I knitted some questionable sweaters.