Escape to the Brecon Beacons

Looking up the valley

Last weekend was a lovely long one in the Brecon Beacons, staying just outside the town of Brecon.  Whilst my fellow travellers (great company, good curry eaters, fantastic bakers and brekkie chefs) opted to do some of the cycling planned, I chose to explore on foot.  My 7 mile walk turned into more like 8 as we lost the path. The walk was mainly sunny but it wouldn’t be Wales without a little rain. This was also the muddiest walk I have ever completed due to some forestry work which had churned up some of the trail. The mud river was soon forgotten after climbing to the open moor and being able to see the stunning views of the snow topped Fan y Big and Cribyn and enjoying the cool delights of some of the cascades of the Nant Menasgin.

The turning point