First day fishing

Having never been fishing before I decided to give it a try when I was invited to come join a fishing trip.  As my friends Mum (and experienced fisherman was coming along) I was not going to be the only lass on the boat.  I was advised that so long as I did not make any references at all to certain creatures usually associated with Easter, I would be most welcome aboard (I don’t know, didn’t ask, don’t need to know).

Whilst the hawl was not the most successful, it was a good day for me as a newbie fisherman.  I had a very pleasant day on the Solent, and as I caught but did not land a lobster I went away with a “one who got away story”.  Unfortunately, for the more experienced fishermen this was not such a great day – nothing more than a few dogfish and a lobster which was landed, photographed and then thrown back in due to it being female and having a lot eggs.  So maybe a lucky day for the lobster.

view from the boat