Silk and the Golden Fleece


A few weeks back I was wandering around the Open Studios a local creative space The Sorting Office, wishing I had spent more time on my own leisure pursuits when the work of one the designer-makers caught my eye.  Karen Head, a textile artist who works with wool and silk fibres to create beautiful nuno scarves was taking bookings for upcoming nuno scarf workshop.

At first I was a little nervous for signing up for a workshop as my prior experience of nuno felting had involved puddles of soapy water and a certain amount of flinging about of fibre and fabric. ¬†Karen reassured me that her workshop didn’t involve such violence and that I would have a lovely calm day of creating something lovely to take home and treasure.

I signed up and made my way to the workshop a few Saturdays later.

  • selecting wool and silk from a lovely selection of fibres, which Karen had hand dyed herself
  • gently laying down the wool fibres before adding some silk fibres to be interleaved with some more wool
  • misting the fibres with water
  • adding soapy water and lots of gentle agitation to start the felting process