Advent Origami

Starting the countdown to Christmas with some origami.  I am intending to make an origami project each day, to flex my creative muscles as well as share some of my favourite origami web resources and books.

My first project is an origami advent calendar.  I started by cutting out some appropriately seasonal magazine pages – I could have also used one if the many Christmas catalogues which make their way through the postbox. I then trimmed them to down to size choosing a 16cm square, so that when folded they are large enough for their intended contents. I added some additional squares of green and red craft paper, resulting in a total of 24 squares.  wp-image-516673398jpg.jpg

I then followed the instructions for folding an origami cup – its quite a common model – using the guidance at Origami Fun.  Before step 5, however, I slipped a wrapped chocolate square into the main body of the cup and then continued to fold over both flaps to the front.  I trapped the hanging string between the flaps and the envelope and stuck them down with a doodled number sticker.

My number stickers were made by taking a large circular punch to some sticker paper that I happened to have in.  The sticker paper is the kind that is meant to be put through a printer – but I chose to go old school and doodle them over a couple evenings.  My doodles were partly inspired by a recent birthday gift – More Creative Lettering, Jenny Doh.

Got more Christmas catalogues or magazines on the way out to the recycling? – I have a project for them later.