Birthday Flowers

The Poinsettia is a popular flower around Christmas time due to its red and green foliage.  I have a volume of red and green paper left over from a long ago craft project and cut a few sheets down to size to create this model.  I needed 3 squares in different sizes and had a play before completing my model.

I found the instructions, along with some other interesting projects over at Artis Bellus where instructions in PDF form are also provided. I struggled at about step 9 – but the tip in the comments to watch Wildflower Napkin Ring helped me get round this.  My other struggle was that the paper, was a thicker than regular origami paper, but it helped familiarising myself with the modular folding first and by folding the larger square first.

A lot of my birthday was spent doing more cutting the folding as I had a birthday present to try out.

Cricut Explore Air Poinsettia

I ended up with a flat poinsettia after finding a little project in the Cricut Access library.