Easy Magazine Christmas Trees

This is an easy decoration which once learnt quickly goes viral. I showed it to my Mum, who showed it to my Niece. The next thing I knew was that my Brother-in-Law’s catalogs for work had to be placed out of reach.

There are plenty of links on the web for this, but I first discovered it on the Martha Stewart web site. The video starts the process at about 3 minutes in, 6 minutes in you can see that it went viral in the demonstrators home. The TL;DR version is this – break the spine of a magazine, then fold each page of a magazine the following way:

Steps to fold magazine tree

Fold the page so the top edge is now lined up with the inner seam, fold the outside edge to the inner seam again, fold and tuck in the bottom triangle so the bottom of the tree lies flat.  Repeat with each page to form tree.

The site demonstrates spraying with glue or paint and then sprinkling over glitter – but I consider that just asking for trouble…


  • if you have a bone folder or small ruler use it to save your fingers.
  • you might want to avoid the Argos catalogue
  • Boden catalogues make a nice smaller sized tree
  • if you show this to the kids, hide any magazines you actually want to read.