Five pointed star.

Five pointed starThe top of my Christmas tree from the day before was looking a little bare – especially as I opted not to make a mess with spray glue and glitter.

I returned to this five pointed star which is favourite of mine – its a bit fiddly to get your head around, but like a lot of origami after playing around with it for a while it comes together.

The model is folded from a pentagon – so first I needed to get my square of paper to the right shape. The instructions for the star provides templates to use – but I preferred to get this by folding and making one cut following some simple steps at Origami Instructions.

If you pentagon templates then they are available at Extreme Cards and Papercrafting as well as some clear instructions on how to fold this model. Later on there is also a pop up card design for those who want get even more mechanical (I didn’t).

I chose to insert the flag end of a short skewer into the back of my star and stick the sharp end into the spine of my tree, increasing its festive nature without covering the house in glitter.

Star and tree