Colour Mod Christmas

The modular decorations are simple and easy to make and only need threading before hanging. No glue required just coloured squared paper or in the case of the purple and orange one A4 or A5 paper can be used.

This purple and orange one is the first of 2 modular decorations designed by Paul Jackson.  This uses quartered sheets of A4 (though I halved again so its A5) though you can use sheets of US letter as well.


This pink and green one was folded from regular 15 cm x 15 cm (6 in x 6 in)  origami paper, and is the second one designed by Paul Jackson.


This is where, I come to confess – I found the fold instructions for both in an old papercraft compendium my mum gave me some years back, the chapter on origami was provided by Paul Jackson and was part of a standalone book on origami. I know this as I once had the exact book, so I donated the duplicate to one of the many charity bookshops in my home town.  I suspect you will find a copy of this or something similar in any Oxfam book shop up and down the UK.

My last  ornament is again made with 2 squares of 6×6 origami paper and is a design by Tomoko Fuse.


I found this, uncredited in another origami book, but found online instructions at Minieco   via the Origami Resource Center, where you can also see renditions of all the above in chocolate wrappers.