A Little more Light


With the winter solstice yesterday, we are now getting a little more light each day, to help it along I tried out some folds for tealights.  All of these were folded from squares cut from European A4 paper, for the lotus tea light I used a fairly “bendy” paper, for the angular and curvy rose tea lights I used a crisper tracing paper.

The origami rose fold is simpler than you think once learnt and it is demonstrated beautifully on OrigamiSpirit.com, it is shown filled with chocolates as a lovely gift.

Mixing flammable paper with flame, whilst appealing to my pyromaniac side, is not a good combination (caution always wins out).  I used a LED tea light here and used a ceramic dish with the genuine article (and didn’t leave it unattended).  I will leave the fire until its time to flambé the pudding.