Furoshiki Wrapping


With the time of gift giving drawing closer – I am revisiting the Japanese art of Furoshiki.  The basics of this are available from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.  Most of the effort for these examples involved me dyeing the silk scarves that I used for wrapping a book and a bottle of Champagne.

My first exposure to this kind of wrapping was as a young adult – my Grandmother used new dusters and tea towels as wrapping (with lovely ribbon) when I started living independently and setting up my first home.  In this case the hand dyed silk scarves were part of the gift.

I started with a simple wrap that works for books or other regular rectangles – simple steps are available at the link collective.  AKA (お使い包み)Otsukai·tsu·tsu·mi.

Furoshiki Steps to Wrap a bottle

I used this bottle wrap variation to reflect the flamboyance of the champagne I was wrapping as a special birthday gift. Technique covered with more instructions at Furoshiki.com.

Furoshiki Steps to Wrap a book

With more silk scarves and microwave dyes in my stash – I will be making use of this technique for a special bottle this Christmas.



  1. russelljwood2015 says:

    Wow that’s really beautiful! Great alternative to traditional wrapping!

    1. redlanne says:

      Many thanks – its great to have the opportunity to combine my love of origami and fabric dyeing.

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