Big Star Finish

After a lot of miniature origami I decided to go large!  I created squares from A2 cartrisge paper and followed guidance from Martha Stewart and Annekata. The key differences being that I nested them together by cutting a square out of the bottom star so that I could insert my lights and I resisted the urge to use glitter and went to town with my Japanese hole punch and hot glue gun.

I was inspired by my trip to Iceland last New Years where all the home had large paper star lanterns in their windows.  The days a very short in at that time of the year and they use lights to make the world seem less gloomy.  They even light up their churchyards so their ancestors see the festive through all lit up (seem in the mid ground). They then go absolutely crazy over fireworks.


Finishing my advent origami project with this large star – there is some paper folding as well as some cutting and glueing.