New Year Fiesta

Apparently New Years Eve was a “crafting opportunity”.

Wrapping up Christmas

Followed Christmas Day with some Boxing Day dyeing (the bag of microwave dyes are in the background) and some more Furoshiki wrapping for some delicious Sweet Merlot from Binifadet Winery, Menorca as a special gift for my folks.  It has been an enjoyable month of rediscovering my love of Origami and the benefits of little…

Big Star Finish

After a lot of miniature origami I decided to go large!  I created squares from A2 cartrisge paper and followed guidance from Martha Stewart and Annekata. The key differences being that I nested them together by cutting a square out of the bottom star so that I could insert my lights and I resisted the urge…

Furoshiki Wrapping

With the time of gift giving drawing closer – I am revisiting the Japanese art of Furoshiki. With more silk scarves and microwave dyes in my stash – I will be making use of this technique for a special bottle this Christmas.

A Little more Light

With the winter solstice passed the previous day we are now getting a little more light each day, to help it along I tried out some folds for tealights.

Napkin Time

There are plenty of tutorials for napkin folding, these are two of my favourite Christmas themed ones.

Box of chocolates

For the wrapping of treats or small gifts this Masu box is perfect.

Peace Time

This card with its small simple origami dove hung in this aperture card – reflects this most important of wishes at this busy time of the year

These boots are made for…

It looks like I’ve stolen Santa’s elves footwear with these little origami booties. I can just picture an elf hoping around with only one boot on, whilst the other one dangles from a Christmas card on someone’s mantelpiece.