Blue Wrapping

Moebius wrap scarf made in shades of blues. Advertisements

A little gift for myself

Amongst all the various treats and gifts I have received for my birthday was a lovely pampering break at a nearby spa.  I decided to continue with the relaxation with this lavender eye pillow for my yoga sessions. The treat was completed with a piece of hand dyed silk satin from my stash.

Kitty, Kitty, where have you been?

Nope I haven’t been to London to see the Queen.In the meantime I have got the living room cushions done: and started some adventures in quilting, prompted by this free Craftsy course.

2 cushions

2 cushions, a photo by KittyStitch on Flickr. Only a year late! Pondering my fabric, trimming and size choice for next pair.

Purse handbag mini-wallet organiser/organizer thingie

I think I am perpetually confused in spelling and terminology thanks to being British but working for an American Corporation (where we spell things with a “zee”) and reading lots of lovely US sewing blogs. First I wanted a little organiser for my very small handbag which, during the week resides in my laptop bag…

Re-use Fabric Swatch Coasters

The coasters in my living room are starting to look a little worn, so I decided to whip up a set of quick fabric ones. I still had the original fabric swatches from when I was deciding on what curtain fabric to buy. Free fabric + half an hour = almost free coasters!

7months, 7 hours, 70 minutes

7 months to procrastinate. 7 hours to rediscover horizontal surfaces in my sewing studio. 70 minutes to make. This is similar to the one I made rather more promptly as part of a gift last March.  This time the Kindle cover is for me (I bought a Kindle for myself last May – hence 7…

Fascinating adventures with my glue gun

The big reveal! I was attending the wedding of 2 friends this weekend and fancied adding to my outfit in the traditional English way with a bit of head gear. I decided against the hat – my hair does not recover well from hat hair syndrome. I was considering buying one, but a combination of…

A little more birthday sewing

  As previously mentioned someone recently had a special birthday and for this a Kindle was purchased as a present for him, from my sisters and me. It was ordered, duly arrived but all sealed up so I couldn’t measure it up, it was my intention to make a simple cover so it was protected…

A little extra heart

I needed a little gift bag to hold some extra beads for a birthday bracelet. So designed and stitched this little heart shaped pouch. Which then gathered into a leaf or a flower bud depending from which view you looked at it.

Birthday Brooches & Keepers

A few presents for a recent birthday. First a brooch made with some lovely Aizome Chiyogami Washi* Something to keep the above in and along with the recipients collection of brooches, a brooch keeper. It is a variation on this brooch keeper from Buttontree Lane (or it could always be used as an extra large…