More Penguin Love

I fell in love with this cute penguin heart fold

Wonderland Waddle of penguins

This little Waddle of Penguins were created from some of the wrappers of some of the chocolate squares from my advent calendar. This is the simplest fold of a penguin I have found and you can create your own penguin family in no time.

Kristmas Kirigami Snow

Stuck to the window or the wall, hanging from the tree or topping a present these snowflakes can be substituted for the real thing when a white Christmas is not a possibility.

Mini Wreath

For the last couple of years I have had a beautiful foliage wreath made by my Mother and have hung it by my door. This mini-wreath, a simple fold, is my kind of wreath making – I stay dry and I don’t have to remember where I stashed my secateurs. Unfortunately this is not so weather proof.

Letting some light in

These little battery powered LED lights were prettied up with some patterned washi paper balloon models.

Fluted and fancy

After successfully completing the poinsettia from a previous post this 12 vaned ornament was easy .

Five pointed star.

The top of my Christmas tree from the day before was looking a little bare – especially as I opted not to make a mess with spray glue and glitter. I returned to this five pointed star which is favourite of mine – its a bit fiddly to get your head around, but like a…

Easy Magazine Christmas Trees

The TL;DR version is this – break the spine of a magazine, fold the page so the top edge is now lined up with the inner seam, fold the outside edge to the inner seam again, fold and tuck in the bottom triangle so the bottom of the tree lies flat.  Repeat with each page to form tree.

Birthday Flowers

The Poinsettia is a popular flower around Christmas time due to its red and green foliage. This origami version is put together quickly, once the repetitive fold is mastered.

Shark Queen

Despite the lack of success the last time I went fishing, I was still keen to go again and try my luck a second time.  So one bright early Sunday morning I departed from Keyhaven to see what I could catch.   Our first stop was for a bit of mackerel fishing – which were…